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February 28 2017

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i want to be able to say “???????????” in real life but all i can do is give this extremely expressive look of confusion and mild indignation


I love it when the dogs are on guard but not in full bark mode yet and they just whisper “boof”

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this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around

Yeah that’d probably handle a cough.

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the worlds most under appreciated meme is John Kenn pictures with captions

This appeals to my sense of humour far more than any written words can communicate

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Retro Horror-Movie-Poster Week #01
for more: horrorpicturemaniac.tumblr.com


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The Morris worm or Internet worm of November 2, 1988 was one of the first computer worms distributed via the Internet. It was written by a student at Cornell University, Robert Tappan Morris, and launched on November 2, 1988 from MIT.

It’s trapped on a floppy tho this is some dark shit it has been denied its purpose forever bound to this obsolete storage

am i glad it’s in there and we’re out here

people reading fantasy novels ask “why did the ancient ones seal the evil away for ten thousand years instead of just killing it” but then we go ahead and do this shit

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on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea

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